About me
How did I get here
What inspires me
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have always loved using a brush to paint anything and everything I could .  I have used paint to give new life to a lamp or vase, redecorate a room or refinish an old piece of furniture. 


My mother has been painting pictures since I was about 10 years old and still does at the age of 91.  A few years ago she encouraged me to put paint to canvas and I found a new passion.  I fell in love with creating pieces of art that make me happy, evoke a feeling of "calm", or remind me of a special place.   I am still exploring different mediums and techniques and searching for my own distinct style.   I love creating abstracts just as much as recreating a picture from a photograph.  I hope my art inspires you as well.

Member of London Community Artists 
in London, Ontario Canada. 
We have an annual art show each fall and an on-line show.